Jill Koch

I’m Jill! I’m a 34 year old wife, new mom to our son Leyton and dog mom to our Pomeranian Sebastian. I’m currently a Pediatric ICU nurse, but prior to that, I worked as a television news reporter/anchor. As a nurse, I’ve always known the importance of living a healthy, clean lifestyle. But I have to come clean….it wasn’t until having Leyton that I really upped my game and grew even more passionate about cultivating a healthy home for myself and my family. So here I am, coming clean about it all, from all natural cleaners to fashion, healthy dishes to dishing about motherhood. You’ll find it all here! My hope is that by “coming clean” about various aspects of my life that you’ll be able to relate (or at least laugh) and that my tips for “going clean” help you live a healthier, cleaner, lifestyle too!

"Having a simplified, uncluttered home is a form of self care. I love that Umbra products have made it easy for me to keep my space neat and organized, while maintaining a modern and clean design."




Wipe Dispenser | color:

Bathroom Accessories | color: White-Charcoal

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Soap Dispensers | color: Black-Charcoal

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Umbra in Jill's Home