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A Gift For Dad

A Gift For Dad

Dennis Hepworth |

I often look at the Umbra catalog for shopping and back in 1999, I was looking through it in search of a gift - for Father’s Day this time. My dad was in his 60’s, but since we were a gift company, I was sure we had something. We didn’t.



My father had polio as a kid and I noticed he struggled to put on his shoes in the morning, and used a cheap plastic shoehorn. 


I asked David Quan, one of the Umbra designers at the time, to create a sleek, durable cast aluminum shoehorn worthy of gift giving. In a few months we had the Slip Shoehorn.

Despite many internal attempts to retire the product, I have personally ensured it endures. Not only for the memory of my father, but to help me put on my shoes every morning now that I have bad knees and am well past my mid-60s.



To learn more and order yours today, visit: Umbra Slip Shoehorn