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Behind the Design: Alcove Mirror

Behind the Design: Alcove Mirror

Paige Schnarr |

We sat down with Jr. Product Designer, Áine O'Neill to ask her about her first official Umbra design, ALCOVE MIRROR.


Alcove Mirror


What was the inspiration behind your design? (ie. time, place, material, other item etc.)

I was inspired by the photo corner stickers used in scrapbooking. Specifically, it brought back memories from when I was younger, scrapbooking family vacation photos with my mother. The mirror is a reflection of that moment (no pun intended); framing ourselves with our most precious items like a scrapbook album.



Were there any challenges along the way? (ie. material, manufacturing, costing, etc.)

The biggest challenge was finding a way to securely mount the mirror to the wall without it tipping once items were put on the shelves. The mirror features multiway keyholes on the back to avoid this from happening.



What is your favorite part about the product?

I love the curved mirror edges on the opposite corners of the shelves! With the use of sheet metal for the shelving and the reflective mirrored surface, the product needed a softer touch that was achieved through these radius’. The rounded corners are also echoed on the shelf corners.



What makes this product different/unique/better compared to everything else on the market?

This mirror’s most prominent feature (besides from its use as a mirror) is it’s multifunctional shelving that can be used both vertically and horizontally. It has enough personality to be used as a statement piece next to the front door or in a bathroom without a medicine cabinet.


Learn more & shop Alcove Mirror here.