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Behind the Design: Woodrow Can

Behind the Design: Woodrow Can

Paige Schnarr |

 Written by Director of Product Development, Henry Huang




What was the inspiration behind your design? (ie. time, place, material, other item etc.)

I was inspired by plywood material after seeing teenagers skateboarding in the park. The formed plywood sheeting created soft curves while providing full strength and rigidity.




I was searching for a new material to use to recreate an ordinary product such as a trash can.  It needed to be a material and process that displayed the beauty of the material while also intriguing to look at.




Were there any challenges along the way? 

I’m always fascinated by pushing materials and manufacturing processes beyond their expectations.  For Woodrow, it was a real challenge to form sheets of wood to meet up at a perfect seam and form a perfectly tapered cylinder.


What makes this product different/unique/better compared to everything else on the market?

Woodrow’s material offers a great alternative to the ordinary trash can.  The fact that its wood makes it easy to settle in any homeroom environment.



My favorite part of Woodrow's design is the simplicity of the form.  This allows the material and manufacturing process to speak for the design.