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Umbra Loves: New Glam Organizers

Umbra Loves: New Glam Organizers

Paige Schnarr |

Check out some of the latest reviews on our brand new Glam Organizers. Available as two separate organizers, both with removable inserts, Glam Hair Tool Organizer features different slots to hold your hair tools and comes with a silicone mat to keep your countertops protected. Glam Cosmetic Organizer provides lots of room to store your cosmetics and other products with room to organize smaller items like makeup brushes and more. 




JILL - @jillcomesclean 


“I have needed an organizer like this to store my hair tools and frequently used products and this is perfect! I love that everything fits in one spot and that it looks good sitting out on my counter. I also love that the insert allows me to perfectly fit a brush and each hot tool but also that it’s removable if I need more space. One of my favorite features is the hot tools mat and the fact that I can store it discretely in the organizer and easily remove it when needed then put in right back in there when finished. It looks like part of the design. This is definitely super functional while still looking sleek and being of great quality. It’s super easy to clean and wipe out too. I love it!”



BETH - @bethfisherdesigns

Beth Umbra Glam Hair Tool Organizer
Beth - Umbra Glam Hair Tool Organizer


I just received the Glam Hair Tool Organizer and LOVE it! It’s compact yet functional, easy to wipe down and clean and stylish looking. I love that the heat mat neatly tucks in the organizer when not in use so everything is one accessible spot! Taking out my straightening tools has never been easier! Love love love!!”



BIANCA - @biancareino


Recently got this organizer and it has made our countertop so much more orderly! The compartments allow for easy storing of brushes, clips, and sprays all while still allowing you to easily access them during styling! Extra bonus - the heat resistant pad that comes with it for hot items like hair straightens and curling irons! A really great way to keep surfaces clean and organized!”



CARMEN - @doctor.carmen 



“This gives me so much satisfaction because it keeps everything so perfectly organized!! I even have more room to add stuff in. Love that it has a little holder for the hot tools pad because I find that those things are easy to lose without a little compartment. Definitely a great and MUST HAVE addition to your space. The inserts are also removable which is comforting knowing you have the flexibility to put bulkier things inside.”



 BROOKLYN - @brooklynnicolehome


“I’ve been on an organizing kick lately but I’ve been avoiding my bathroom because I couldn’t figure out a good solution to store my hair tools...until now! This is amazing. The design is so functional! It fits all of my hair products, hair tools, AND face products. Highly recommend!!”



MEGAN - @woodbeamslinendreams


I absolutely love this new Hair Tool Organizer! My hair tools and beauty products used to take over our entire bathroom vanity - this saves so much space and makes it super easy to locate everything with all the compartments! Love the simple but sturdy design to go with our neutral home, and the fact that I could easily wipe it down after some of my makeup spills inside. I won’t be going back to my makeup bags that hold onto those awful stains, and are hard to rummage through. Would definitely recommend - it’s made my morning routine SO much easier! Also the heat protective silicone mat for my tools is genius! It’s a game changer for organization!”





TARA - @tara.micheldesigns 


Tara Umbra Glam Hair Cosmetic Organizer


“I'm loving the amount of space this organizer provides! You can fit so many things without taking up a large amount of space on your counter area! Very modern design and I really like the two tone design. I would definitely recommend this product. If you are looking to organize your cosmetics or bath products this is the one for you!”



LILY - @lilialaraco

Lily Umbra Glam Hair Cosmetic Organizer


“I absolutely love this organizer! It’s perfect for my makeup and some hair products. I no longer have all my makeup scattered in my drawer. Definitely recommend!!”



DANIELLE - @thehouseonhillsidelane



“I received this organizer as an Umbra Ambassador. I like it a lot! It’s a modern piece that’s great for storing smaller toiletries. Just be mindful of the specs to make sure the compartments are wide enough for what you need.”



JILL - @jillcomesclean


“The Glam Cosmetic Organizer is the perfect organizer for all my beauty products! There is so much room for everything with or without the insert. I opted to remove the insert so I could fit even more and I love that I have the option to do that. The design is simple yet sleek and looks great sitting out on my counter and goes with our bathroom decor. The quality is great and it’s very durable. I’m already thinking of other areas to use this in our home because it can definitely be used for more than cosmetics. Lastly, I love how easy it is to clean if cosmetics leak or it gets dusty. It’s easy to wipe down and doesn’t have those tiny spaces I can’t fit my hand in like most cosmetic organizers. Definitely a must for anyone looking to tidy their products and make them easy to see and grab.”



BROOKE - @brookemoraleshome


I’m so happy with my Glam Cosmetic Organizer! It keeps everything together and not scattered across my counter. I love that I can easy tuck it under the sink in a cabinet. Highly recommend!”



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