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40th Anniversary Contest Winners

40th Anniversary Contest Winners

Paige Schnarr |

Thank you to everyone who submitted their favorite Umbra products for our 40th anniversary contest!

Check down below to see the story behind our 4 winners' favorite Umbra products of all-time.


Adora - Brampton, CA - Oh Chair



It's hard to pick just one product. If I must, it's definitely this Oh Chair. I've had it for over 20 years and am still using it every day. I bought many Umbra products in college for the affordable prices and beautiful designs. This chair has moved with me for a dozen addresses and 2 countries. Unfortunately, one of the leg cap was lost during my move from the US to Canada. I didn't want to part with it, so I contacted Umbra customer service. He said Umbra doesn't sell parts for their products, but he would send me the parts as courtesy. That made me a customer for life. Thank you for continue to provide great designs at affordable prices.



Terrance - Toronto, CA - Hub 37" Mirror



"I love this mirror for its true versatility; it works in bedrooms, living spaces and makes a great modern bathroom mirror (I have the rectangular hub free standing mirror, the oval hub mirror and the smaller circular hub mirror so I’m speaking from my personal experience). Umbra stands for original design, affordability and its practical designs. This mirror is exactly all of those things, not to mention its designers are based here in Canada, locally in Toronto at its flagship store and its head office in Scarborough. The Umbra Hub Mirror works for all spaces and aesthetics, it's minimal, it's versatile and the reflection it creates makes every space feel bigger at a glance. I get compliments on this mirror all the time for its size and the rubber trim. I’ve suggested this mirror to many people and everyone’s who has purchased has loved this mirror."



Jemma - Tucker Photo Display - High Wycombe, ENG



"Whilst I love all of our Umbra goodies, I am obsessed with our Tucker Photo Display.  I've wanted a board like this for SO long! We have so many lovely bits like engagement cards or my birthday year Disney dollars, that have been living in a drawer somewhere, rather than being seen. Unlike most other boards, we love that you don't need to put a pinhole through your favourite momentos or use a clip that will leave an indent - the elasticated bars truly set it apart from other options, by keeping our favourite memories intact. AND we loved that you include some bits and bobs to get us started; it was an unexpected and cute surprise! For us, the Umbra home accessories we have are more than just your average decor; they're unique, sleek and make our house a home."




 Allyson - Fresno, CA - Bungee Card Case



My ALL-TIME favorite Umbra product is this metal wallet. I bought two in 2006. I LOVE IT!! It allows me to quickly move from one purse to another and it is so compact. I use it for concerts, school, gym, theme parks and snow boarding. I receive compliments on it constantly and everyone asks where they can get one. It also protects all of my private information with the metal casing and it can handle a beating. I drop this all the time and it never breaks. I wish I had a 100 of these to pass out and to have if mine ever breaks. I love this wallet and wish they would come back!! Please, please bring it back!!