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Behind the Design: Buddy Ring Holders

Behind the Design: Buddy Ring Holders

Paige Schnarr |

Written by: Senior Design Lead, Sung wook Park

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I got the inspiration for Buddy Ring Holders from our President & Co-Founder, Les Mandelbaum.

While he was traveling, he got to see first-hand how Buddy was such a huge success internationally. He found that a lot of customers and people were telling him how much they liked our Buddy figurine, as well our animal-inspired ring holders, so I thought why not combine the two.



I started to think of a variety of designs, studying human positions/postures. I thought Yoga was fun and was perfect to integrate with our Buddy figurine.


One of the Buddy ring holders is actually Buddy down on one knee, proposing. I thought this would a great pose because of the functionality of the ring holder. 




The tooling process is very helpful to see the scale. We always do 1:1 scale mock-up, to ensure the scale is accurate. We want to see that the perceived value of the product is there, not too small or too big. Another reason we do 3-D printing is to test functionality. This includes making sure it can hold rings, that it stands up properly on a table, balances with weight on it. Testing with our samples and prototypes is always a very important step, before we move forward with mass-production, to avoid any mistakes.



The cute factor of the Buddy figurine is both decorative and functional. I like how fun it is as a gift, and that it can be used practically as well.


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