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Create Your Own Herb Garden with Giardino

Umbra Giardino Planter

Paige Schnarr |



As the weather cools down, bring your herbs indoors with Giardino Herb and Plant Garden. Back by popular demand, Giardino makes customizing your very own herb garden at home easy and fun.

Created with compact living in mind, Umbra product designer Sung wook Park designed Giardino to fit most standard-sized window ledges. With an integrated waterfall system and drainage, this two-tiered planter helps prevent your plants from getting overwatered.





 Plant your herbs by adding soil directly into the insert tray or by inserting potted plants directly into the tray.





Organize your little plant garden by labeling their names. the set comes with three stamped metal name tags which can either be put in the top or bottom of the planter.





Giardino's smart drain system is designed to prevent water from pooling, so excess water can easily escape through strategically-sized holes on the perforated top base and plastic insert tray.



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