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Fraud & Arbitrage Policy

We take fraud prevention seriously, and our policy is designed to prevent arbitragers and illegitimate re-sellers from completing a purchase from us. We want all customers to have an enjoyable experience when shopping with us, so we are vigilant in ensuring that only honest purchases occur on our site.


Here's what we do:


* We track every transaction made on the site and can detect patterns that may indicate fraudulent activity. 
* Customers must provide valid payment information - this includes credit card numbers, expiration dates, etc., which are verified by a third party secure payment processor before the completion of the sale. 
* We have strict limits on how much any one customer can purchase at once; if someone appears to be placing orders with highly unusual quantities or dollar amounts, we will investigate further and may refuse the sale.  
* If an individual customer is found to be abusing our policy - for example, by participating in arbitrage or reselling illegitimate goods - we reserve the right to refuse their purchase as well as ban them from shopping with us again in the future.  


There's no need to panic if you accidentally hit a 'buy' button too many times - just give us a call, let us know what happened, and we'll sort it out. And cheer up - we don't bite (though there may be some light sarcasm involved). 

At the end of the day, it's all about making sure everyone who shops with us has a great experience without having to worry about fraudsters getting away with something they shouldn't. Thanks for understanding!